SciFit Extreme Mass


Extreme Mass by SciFit is one of the highest percentage protein weight gain products available; providing an astounding 33% of the calories from ultra absorbable whey protein. Each 152 gram serving supplies an impressive 50 grams of muscle building whey protein. To gain lean mass the body needs protein...a lot of protein!

The vast majority of weight gain products in the marketplace contain only 10 to 15% of their calories in the form of protein with at most a fraction of that being whey protein. The remaining 85 to 90% of the calories consist of carbohydrates and fat. SciFit's Extreme Mass formula is protein enhanced, low in fat, mixes instantly, and tastes exceptional. SciFit's Extreme Mass is the product to fuel your intense workouts and enhance post-training recovery.

Extreme Mass Features:

    * 50 grams of Whey Protein per serving
    * Only 28 grams of sugars per serving
    * Aspartame Free!

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size (scoop) 4
Servings Per approx 23
Calories 600
Fat Calories 45
Total Fat (g) 5
Sat. Fat (g) 3
Cholesterol (mg) 90
Sodium (mg) 140
Total Carbs (g) 87
Dietary Fiber (g) 2
Sugars (g) 27
Proteins (g) 50

Ingredient Details: Maltodextrin, Whey Protein concentrate, Fructose, Cocoa powder (Dutch Process), Natural & Artificial flavors, Lecithin.

Please note: Nutritional content may vary between Extreme Mass flavors.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, mix 4 scoops (152g) of SciFit's Extreme Mass with water, milk, or juice 2 to 3 times daily. (Once 45 minutes prior to training, once within 1 hour after training, and either upon wakening or for hard gainers before bed).

Econo Whey Protein


SciFit's Ultra Filtered Whey is the most bio-available, best tasting, best mixing Whey protein available. SciFit's Whey is Cold Processed without the use of potency reducing heat. SciFit's Whey is Lactose FREE, naturally containing Glutamine, is Purine FREE, is Aspartame FREE, delivers high amounts of the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's), and provides greater nitrogen retention by the body.

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size (g) 28.4
Servings Per 50
Calories 11
Fat Calories 1
Total Fat (g) 1.5
Sat. Fat (g) 1
Cholesterol (mg)
Sodium (mg) 50
Total Carbs (g) 6.5
Dietary Fiber (g) 0
Sugars (g) 4
Proteins (g) 18

Ingredient Details: Whey Protein Concentrate, Natural & Artificial Chocolate Flavor, Lecithine, Stevia, Acesulfame Potassium.

Suggested Use: Mix one scoop of SciFit's Cold Processed and Ultra Filtered Whey with 8 ounces of your favorite beverage. SciFit Cold Processed and Ultra Filtered Whey will mix easily with a spoon, or is delicious when blended with fruit and ice.

Beta Alanine 2000 Powder


Sci-Fit Beta Alanine 2000 Powder is a precise combination of the Carnosine boosting precursors Beta Alanine and L-Histidine in a pH buffered pharmaceutical delivery system to ensure maximum absorption and stability. Beta Alanine and L-Histidine are shown to increase Carnosine concentration within muscle tissue more effectively than by ingesting Carnosine itself. High levels of Carnosine are present in skeletal muscle tissue, but the amount will be limited by dietary intake. By naturally increasing the amount of Carnosine within muscle tissue, the athlete may experience explosive results.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Grams
Servings Per Container: 250

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value

Beta Alanine 1780mg **

L-Histidine 220mg **

** Percent Daily Values not established

Directions: Take 3 capsules twice daily for 4 weeks. Then, take 3 capsules once daily. If a flushing affect occurs after ingesting the product, take the next dosage with food or stop taking the product.

SciFit Glutamine 300gm


SciFit Glutamine Powder contains the conditionally essential amino acid L-Glutamine. As the most abundant amino acid, glutamine helps immensely as an anti-catabolic (preventing muscular breakdown) agent. At the same time, glutamine plays a positive role in protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Serving Size: 1 heaping teaspoon
Servings Per Container: 80
% Daily Value*
L-Glutamine - 5g

Ingredients: Pure HPLC certified and laboratory tested L-Glutamine Powder. ** Not currently considered essential.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 heaping teaspoon (5g) 30 minutes prior to training an immediately after training or as directed by a health professional.



Kreation™ is the best pre workout product on the market today. It is stronger than any other, it lists each individual ingredient, and above all others it has the best form of creatine on the planet, Kre- Alkalyn®! We all know that Kre Alkalyn® is 10 times stronger than regular creatine. Kre Alkalyn® absorbs 100% in the body and goes directly to the muscle for fast acting endurance, pump, and recovery. Kreation™ is much more than just Kre Alkalyn®. Kreation™ combines what other companies put in their pre and post workout drinks. Kreation™ has it all in one explosive pre workout powder. Kreation™ contains an advanced AKG (alpha keta gluterate) Bonded Amino Acid complex of Arginine AKG, Glutamine AKG, BCAA AKG, Tyrosine AKG, Taurine AKG, Citrulline AKG and Kreb’s Cycle complex, which is unique to only Kreation™ to optimize nitric oxide production for maximum absorption and delivery. Kreation™ lists exactly what you are getting in every dose you take. We do not try to hide our formula; we at SciFit want you to feel that you are getting your money’s worth. We also want you to know you are getting your best workout you can. Kreation™ gives you all that you can handle and more. Flavors:Grape, Orange, Lime, Fruit Punch

Shockwave with Karbo-Lyn


SHOCKWAVE by Sci-Fit Nutrition is a dual phase state-of-the art formulation featuring multiple patented proven nutrients designed to increase endurance, accelerate recovery, and subsequently allow the body to perform at its very best. The biggest challenge posed for almost every fitness minded athlete is trying to decide amongst all of the over-priced hype what is the optimal nutritional blend to consume prior, during, and/or after an athletic event. Is it the sugar laden sports drinks that you see professional athletes endorse? Not anymore! It is in seeking the answer to that extremely important question that SCI-FIT researched and developed the supplemental masterpiece that is SHOCKWAVE.

SHOCKWAVE is a meticulous combination of a patent pending homopolysaccharide KARBO-LYN, which is a newly developed rapid absorbing sugar free carbohydrate, with an anti-catabolic time tested nutritional array. SHOCKWAVE is absorbed more effectively than maltodextrin, dextrose, rice, pasta, or any other carbohydrate on the market.

Each impressive serving of SHOCKWAVE provides the patented pH balanced 100% absorbable Kre-Alkalyn. Kre-Alkalyn is the most successful product in SCI-FIT’S history and is exceptional for improving strength and endurance!

To further enhance endurance during training and recovery post-training, SHOCKWAVE has a powerful precise anti-catabolic blend of:

    * Patented HMB
    * Glutamine
    * BCAA’s
    * Beta- Alanine
    * L-Histidine

To assist the body in dealing with inflammation caused during training and to add connective tissue support, SHOCKWAVE has a high dose of Glucosamine Sulfate coupled with the powerful Antioxidant NAC (N-AcetylCysteine).

SHOCKWAVE combines this extremely impressive nutritional array with a precise amount of this new complex carbohydrate KARBO-LYN and added Vitamin C.

SHOCKWAVE truly is a phenomenal non-stimulant anti-catabolic masterpiece which is available only at and is safe for athletes of all ages male or female. SCI-FIT and i-Supplements continues its mission to provide the athlete in all of us safe, natural products to assist us in achieving our fitness goals!

Kre-Alkalyn Powder for performance


Kre-Alkalyn Powder offers the fitness minded athlete Creatine which is 100% stable, will not break down into Creatinine, and will absorb efficiently into the bloodstream. In fact, each 1 gram of Kre-Alkalyn is equivalent to ingesting 10 grams of Creatine powder allowing the athlete to take far less product while experiencing even more explosive results.

Supplement Facts:

Container Size: 300 Grams

Serving Size: 1 Gram

Servings Per Container: 300

Kre-Alkalyn 1g (Buffered creatine US Patent # 6,399,661)

Directions: Take 1 to 2 grams once in the morning and once prior to exercise.

HALODRONE 17-HD by Sci Fit


HALODRONE 17-HD by Sci Fit
Halodrone is the new king of natural muscle enhancement.

The active ingredient in Sci Fit`s Halodrone…17-HD… dramatically boosts your strength, size and workout power by elevating the serum levels of free testosterone in your body. The patent pending hydroxalation process in 17-HD rearranges the hydrogen and oxygen molecules on the natural steroid ring of a highly anabolic South American plant source. However, 17-HD has no additional synthetic “side chain” attached (this would be classified as a designer steroid because the synthetic side chain is added). The potent substrate in 17-HD is in your system in a matter of minutes giving a rush of pure power to every muscle cell in your body. 17-HD is not only highly androgenic and anabolic but it also causes rapid cell regeneration. Plus, studies show that 17-HD is anti-estrogenic as well.

If you’re looking for a leaner muscle-defined physique, and hair-raising intensity during your workouts, then Halodrone by Sci Fit Nutrition is the answer. After only one Halodrone capsule you can’t deny the amazing power of this cutting edge phenomenon. Halodrone is the new king of natural muscle enhancement.

Each serving contains: 17-Halo-Methyl_Dianadrone ........... 400mg

SciFit Presents:  Nitrox Soft Gel Extra Strength!


Enhances And Prolongs The Muscle Pump After Training!

SciFit's Nitrox is Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate in a sustained release formula which pH buffered to ensure maximum absorption. Arginine released into the bloodstream will dramatically increase Nitric Oxide production. Increases in Nitric Oxide may lead to the following befefits: extended and enhanced "muscle pump" after training, improved endurance and recovery time, improved workout capacity, and increased sexual vigor. SciFit Nitrox Soft Gel is the easy to swallow version at the same cost as original Nitrox.

SciFit Presents:Shake-A-WheyReady To Drink!


A Sports Shake With 20g Of Protein And Only 4g Carbs!

SciFit's NEW, quick & convenient Ready-To-Drink the Shake-A-Whey is a great way for busy people to maintain a healthy diet.

SciFit Presents:T-500 ExtremeTestosterone Booster!


Pushing Anabolic Alternatives To Mother Nature's Limits!

New refining technology has Tribulus Terrestris realizing we're not in Kansas anymore. Sci Fit's T-500 represents the pinnacle of that technology. T-500 stuffs 500mg of an amazing 40% protodioscin and 80% saponin content into each serving. LH stimulation and subsequent testosterone production is maximized with the strongest grade tribulus in production. The new T-500 is pushing anabolic alternatives to Mother Nature's limits. Enhanced absorbabilty with added DHB. Surpass your genetic potential by stacking T-500 with Sci Fit's ES3 Stack. Don't call us when you need bigger clothes!

SciFit Presents: ES3Anti-Aromatase


Triple Phase Anabolic Agent!

SCI-FIT’s® new and improved ES3™ takes a 3 pronged approach to combating increased levels of estrogen. ES3™ is formulated with specific nutrients to:

    * Enhance the metabolism/decrease the amount of “bad” estrogens (16-hydroxyestrogen)
    * Inhibit the amount and action of the aromatase enzyme
    * Bind and block select estrogen receptor sites

To further enhance the absorption of ES3™, SCI-FIT’s® has added DHB.